Han was a shinobi from Iwagakure and the jinchūriki of Kokuō, the Five-Tails.

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Han is a very tall man, seen as the physically largest jinchuriki, easily standing a head taller than Killer B. He is also heavily armored, wearing what is called "Steam Armor" with a furnace on the back that emits steam. He has light brown eyes and his armour extends all the way to the bottom half of his face, covering it up. Underneath the armour covering the bottom half of his face, he wears a white cloth which also covers both sides of his face and the top of his head. Aside from his red armor, he also wears a red kasa (conical straw hat) over the white cloth and it seems to be composed of the same material of his armour and furnace. He wears his Iwagakure forehead protector on a black cloth, and over his armor, Han wears a black gi, with the sleeves seemingly torn off and black gloves. He also wears what seems to be a bronze-coloured ring around his neck which he wears over his red armor. Also, the armour covering his arms and torso is plated.


Han was possibly one of the jinchūriki that loathed humanity, due to being neglected and hated by his village, as indicated by Akatsuki member Deidara. Han makes a habit of leaving his right-hand tucked inside his kimono. He was rather amicable and friendly when he first met Naruto Uzumaki appearing to be a calm and reserved individual, crediting his and fellow jinchūriki's attitudes due to them witnessing how Naruto had been recently treating Kurama.

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