Naruto Uzumaki (Earth-One) is the Earth-One counterpart of Naruto Uzumaki and the leader of the One-Earth Regime. Upon being drugged into killing his wife Hinata, their unborn son, and half of Konohagakure by Shin Uchiha and Solf J. Kimblee, Naruto became a ruthless dictator to maintain order on Earth and kill all who oppose him.

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Regime Naruto bares the same physical appearance as his prime counterpart, although he is slightly more different; he's a bit taller, his blonde hair is now longer and more shaggy-looking in style with jaw-length bangs framing either side of his face, similar to his deceased father's, and has an "X"-shaped scar on his right abdomen.

Regime Naruto's clothing is also very different. He wears a black uniform-style jacket with a dark orange zipper that features several buttons on the waist and sleeves, black pants held by a leather brown utility belt, a light-colored, long cape decorated with red flame-like motifs on the edges and a high-collar over his jacket, and a pair of black, calf-high sandals. He still wears his trademark bandanna with the forehead protector having a slash in the middle, much like the members of the Akatsuki.


In contrast to his energetic, cheerful and empathetic Prime counterpart, the Regime Naruto is a ruthless, aloof, self-righteous, malevolent, and cold individual, with a black sense of humor and a dead-serious nature.



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