Yugito Nii was a jōnin-level kunoichi from Kumogakure, and the jinchūriki of Matatabi, the Two-Tails.
Yugito Nii

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Yugito had long, straight, blonde, hair bound with taut bandages and dark eyes. She wore a short-sleeved black and purple blouse and black pants, both of which had a design similar to clouds on them, purple fingerless gloves and a chain of blue beads wound around her left hand. She also wore the standard Kumo forehead protector, sandals and kunai holster which was strapped to her right thigh. She also wore bandages around her arms and legs as well as a red belt around her waist.


Yugito gained confidence in herself through hard work, making her a proud, wise, and courageous kunoichi. This was seen when she trapped two members of Akatsuki along with herself, vowing that they'd never leave alive. Also, it was said that she was firm, decisive, and thoughtful of her team-mates.

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Nature Transformation: Yugito could use blue-colored Fire Release to shoot a ball of hair surrounded by fire that turns into the shape of a mouse and then breaks up into several single hairs on fire that can pursue the target. When using the Two-Tails' power, she could create a massive fireball that was powerful enough to destroy an entire building in a single shot.

Taijutsu Master: For close-ranged combat, Yugito could make her finger and toe nails grow to become long claws. Coupled with her natural taijutsu skills, Yugito could clash even with skilled sword users. She has been shown as being quite skilled in taijutsu, attacking first with her clawed hands to force her enemies to block with both arms, and then attacking them with her clawed feet.

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